Our Mission



Being gaming veterans for decades, our goal is to create quality games for a grown-up audience. Since there are enough casual-style mass-market games out there,


We do want to make a difference!


We put our focus on deep gameplay with sophisticated game mechanics while maintaining easy access.

We do not target casual players, but players who look for challenges in games. - Play to Win is our motto.


We create games for enthusiasts!

Upcoming Project (In Production)

Moon and Beyond




A classical space agency management game with a setting during the "Space Race" era with the rivalry between the United States and the Soviet Untion. Your task is to develop rockets, capsules and satellites to ensure your lead in the exploration of space during the Cold War from the 1950 to 1990.


Hire and train astronauts and technicians, Plan missions from early satellites, lunar exploration to a manned mars landing.

Set up modular launchers with separate upper stages and solid rocket boosters!


Obtain more "firsts" than your opponent. Keep the public happy and your budget healthy by accumulating scientific and popular prestige.

Keep an eye out for cold war events that may influence your plannings (and sometimes vice versa).


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Upcoming Project (Concept Phase)

A Tale of Metal and Wood




A multiplayer RPG set during the classic antiquity. Live a life as character of any ancient culture.

The game mainly focuses on exploration, crafting and politics.

It includes PvP combat, but avoids ganking of peaceful players. Two peasants with pitchforks may spur a warriors´ early demise.


You have to take care of your characters immediate needs like food, clothing and housing. All items may decay and need replacements. Treat illnesses and wounds as you treat spiritual needs.

With the ultimate goal to reign as king amongst your fellow players you need skill in trade & politics as well as skill with hammer & sword.


This is no casual style game. It is intense and may require focus here and there. Far more "eve-anian" than "wow-ish"!


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