Who we are!


We are a very small group of (currently two) dedicated people plus some freelance contacts. Currently we are only part-time developers, as we still have to rely on day jobs to make ends meet.


If you wanna help change that, you can support us.


Coming from an academic background, we have some experience in the games industry, but we have not worked as full-time developers before. We were involved in some indie titles on different levels.

We are based in Dresden, one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. Being a wonderful city to work and live in, it also has an outstanding cultural and academic reputation.


Our studio name stems from one of the world´s most famous treasure collections, the "Green Vault", formerly created and maintained in Dresden by the electors and kings of Saxony.


We believe that Dresden is a wonderful place for game developers. We hope we can contribute to establishing an alternative to the major german developer centers Berlin, Hamburg and Frankfurt. Being away from the big names in the industry gives us the opportunity to be different.

What we want!


We want to make quality games for a grown-up audience and we focus on games for core gamers. Because that is what we want to play!


Out there you find enough casual games with shallow gameplay. Not to mention that most games use the same old mechanics over and over again. Besides ever improving shiny graphics a lot of today´s games have simpler mechanics and gameplay than games made decades ago. Big publishers argue that simpler mechanics mean easier access for more people. While, superficially, that may appear to be true, we believe that players grow with their challenges. We know that easy access can be combined with sophisticated game mechanics.


Our games will feature deep and diverse game mechanics because we want our players to actually play the game to achieve progress and success. We won´t necessarily reinvent the wheel every time though. Instead we will combine proven, sophisticated mechanics with modern user experiences where it is useful.


We strongly believe that games and payment methods have to match! While developers have to earn money from their products, the chosen type of gameplay must be supported by the proper method of paying for the game. We will rely on the payment methods that suit our games best!

Free-to-play, although very popular, is not always the best means of making money for every kind of game. Thus, depending on the game and the release platform, we will offer pay-to-play or subscription models, and if suitable, may offer micro-transactions as well. However, in MMO´s we will avoid giving players dubious advantages over fellow players via " premium" features.. PLay to win is our motto.


We hope that you, our customers, help us achieving this goal.

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