An overview of Metal and Wood

The Source of Metal and Wood


Resources are the thriving force behind human exploration and expansion.

Metals were dug from the ground, wood was cut in the forests. Countless other materials were gathered, mined or otherwise procured.

Animals, quarries and deposits needed to be discovered and exploited to ensure the survival of civilization.

Maybe you can find and control the rarest of them.














The Marriage of Metal and Wood


Crafting is a key element in any ancient society. Anything built, worn or eaten can be made by players.

And for the most time, you will need to "craft" the things for your daily life. Food, clothing and shelter are only some of the immediate needs for everyone. Hunting, cooking, farming and all the other trades will give you the means to satisfy these needs.















The Journey of Metal and Wood


Once you have established yourself, you may also find a living in trading and transporting things from one corner of the world to the other.

Items and resources are needed everywhere, especially if they are rare.

Land-based trading is a possible way to deliver goods, but maybe not the best one. Distances are immense and roads are dangerous.
















The Sea of Metal and Wood


Travelling by ship is a fast and pretty safe means of transportation. Oceans and rivers were like highways for ancient people.

Food and resources are shipped around the world as are news and ideas. Connecting people is invaluable.

But the gods of the sea certainly have some surprises for you.















The Scourge of Metal and Wood


Weapons are not only means of hunting but of course useful in combat. War was a crucial factor in ancient societies. It provided chances for warrior to distinguish themselves. And it can bring valuable loot or even tribute.

But don´t be too afraid: While marauding warriors can become a scourge for others, raiding and campaigning may be as dangerous to themselves.
















The Demise of Metal and Wood


Decay and Destruction are natural factors. Anything dies, anything is destructable. Not only your character but also your home.

All items will show wear and tear, some more easily than others. And rotting food, wounds and sickness will present challenges for all living beings.
















What is the Tale of Metal and Wood?


It is more of a Character Simulation than a typical MMO or a Survival Game and it combines elements of many different types of games into a new kind of multiplayer experience.


The core focus is the development of your own special character, while advancing in(to) the game world. This means much more than just grinding skills just to be the first to reach a certain level or to have the finest gear.

All of that is pretty useless if your character is starving during an expedition. Careful planning and solid preparation will turn things in your favor much more than skills.


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