Why we want your support?

Currently we are only part-time developers. But competition in the games industry is pretty hard and time is a bi**h not to be underestimated.

We can have the best game ideas and concepts on hand but transforming them into a playable game takes a considerable effort in time and thus money.

Software, hardware and other services also do cost a lot of money! And so do employees and even freelancers.


We want to deliver awesome games for awesome players, but, honestly, we need your help to make things happen. All money will be directed into making our studio a full-time business.


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Thank you very much!

You have the skills we need?


Get in contact with us! We wanna know!



Currently we are short of mostly 2D art but also 3D artworks.


Some more capabilities in C# and/or Unity won´t hurt either.


How you can support us:

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